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Contact Database

Manage your leads, clients, business partners data at a single place.

Transactions with them, their documents, sales communications with them, and a lot more...all kept and served with multi layered security.

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A perfect contact management solution for

One man worrier

A mom & pop shop


Small business


Power of this solution


Transaction management

Document management

Conversation tracking

Strong search capability

Call back tracking

Custom categorization

Role based access

Additional data security

Alert & escalation

Relative Management

Appointment scheduling

Ticketing system

Team communications

Campaign scheduling

Task scheduling

Manage notes

Referral & source tracking

Open for customization

    Tightly integrated with

    A Complete CRM SOlution

    Digital Marketing

    Manage E-Mail/SMS/MMS campaigns and lead segments. Schedule campaigns for segments.

    Lean more

    Call Management

    Manage response center. Inbound voice, SMS, MMS, E-Mail is captured into system for callback.

    Lean more

    Real Estate CRM

    Collaborates marketing, pre-qualification, showing agents, TCs, and mortgage teams.

    Lean more

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    What we do for you?

    Onboarding steps


    Initial consultation

    We help you evaluate our solution and compare with competition. We create a draft onboarding plan and advise you for the best decision.


    Setup account

    We help you setup your account and cloud instance (optional). We create users, and will work withyou setup right privileges for individual users.


    Migrate data (Optional)

    We work with your professional to prepare existing data, if any, for migration into our system. We provide guidance for data cleanup before migrating it.


    Customize & enhance (Optional)

    We gather requirements for customization & enhancement and then will implement it. We also setup cloud instance & configure it, if required as per business need.



    We provide on-site and virtual training to the customers in United States and virtual training to the global customers. Training is conducted in english medium only.


    24x7 Support

    We will provide on-demand support for managed cloud instances. We maintain all managed instances and we upgrade & fix issues with minimum downtime.

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    We will review your business need and will evaluate our solution. While Grow-inReal's primary focus is on software solutions, we may provide you with advice for selection of right tool & process for your business.

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    Restrcited data access

    Customer Data Security

    Role based access. A legitimate user can access, view, and update what they are supposed to as per their role in organization and as per priviledges granted to them.

    Additional security for personal data such as Social Security Number, data of birth etc. Data is encrypted while in transit.

    While in transit or in the field

    Mobile App

    Marketing team members view task assigned, get notifications, and provide updates on each task assigned using their smartphone/tablet.

    Managers and other employees communicate with each other and put notes when away from their desktop.

    Intutive user interface

    High Usability

    User interfaces are designed keeping human behaviour in mind.

    Kanban dashoard is designed for Contact Tracking and all. Whereas, drawer based screens are designed for quick access to detailed data without loosing the focus from summary data.


    7+ languages including spanish

    Cloud Based

    Access from home as well


    Free upgrades & maintenance

    24x7 Support

    US and Mexico based support

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    What our beta users think

    Testimonials feedback

    • ... all documents of clients at one place and can track all transactions & all communications with teams ...

      Victoria Strid Transaction Corodinator

    • ... I like spanish version of solution ... can view all customers assigned to me ... can put update for my mgr after showing ...

      Estrella Garcia Showing Agent

    • ... great telephony ... put a phone# in Ad ... all inbound SMS/MMS & missed calls lands in my inbox ... easy to track leads ...

      Lilyana M. Lead Generation Specialist

    • ... email marketing analytics is awesome ... they integrated Grow inReal with my sendgrid account ... awesome work ...

      Brian Brown Lead Generation Specialist

    • ... it captures all missed phone calls and inbound emails, SMS, MMS ... can view my inbox grouped by sender/caller ...

      Rabin Paul Lead Generation Specialist

    • ... custom design of campaigns ... in line upates are awesome feature ... I like using this solution ... I recommend it ...

      Alijandro Tipp Lead Generation Specialist

    • ... managing a list of segments and sending a campaign only to a segment puts Grow inReal into niche category ...

      Brian Yada Lead Generation Specialist

    • ... a very good solution for SMS and MMS marketing in US ... affordable to small businesses ... love "donot call" list ...

      Ranjit Prakatakar Digital Marketing Specialist

    • ... I very heavily rely on email marketing for lead generation ... Grow in Real has awesome product ... recommend it ...

      Bela Manushi Digital Marketing Specialist

    • ... file and data security is very important for us ... Grow in Real gives restricted access to pesonal data & files ... love it ...

      Rita Ross Transaction Coordinator

    • I recommend Grow in Real ... it helps us managing transactions falling on critical path ... improves customer satisfaction ...

      Neil Brown Mortgage Specialist

    • ... very handy tool, nice navigation, awesome UI flow ... easy to coordinate with real estate and mortgage team ...

      Alicia Benn Pre-Qualification Professional

    • kanban view of drap & drop cards are awesome ... it gives a bird eye view of file status of each on going transactions ...

      Justin Akramak Pre-Qualification Professional

    • ... can schedule appointment with client ... collect priliminary documents ... run credit check and record all activities ...

      Anita Cole Pre-Qualification Professional

    • ... great product. Intutive & easy to use. I can track transactions & conversations with the clients and showing agents ...

      Victor Calderon Real Estate Agent

    • ...coordinating with stakeholders was nightmare...now I can easily track day-to-day task...wonderful user interfaces...

      Jonathan Heights Pre-Qualification Professional

    • ... a tightly ingetrated system from lead generation to ... a smooth handover to prequalification ... awesome solution...

      Tim Robinson Real Estate Marketing Professional

    • ... everyday it makes my life easier ... I can followup transactions falling behind ... it helps me stay on the top of task ...

      Larry Ng Mortgage Manager

    • ... I recommend "Grow InReal" ... it is complete solution from lead generation to close ... very helpful alert system ...

      Natalia Huge Broker

    • ... it helps in file tracking and making sure file is complete on time ... nice file lisitng and file drag & drops ...

      Joshua Wong Pre-Qualification Professional

    • ... manage my contact their documents, tickets, tasks, and communications with clients in spanish language ...

      Lewis Adams Entrepreneur

    • ... a great soltution with multi-language capability ... good for my non english speakers working together ...

      Alex Mousud Entrepreneur

    • ... I can communicate with leads and respond to their email and SMS from the dashboard itself ... makes life easy ...

      Naresh Pandit Lead Generation Specialist